TFR 43 – Keeping the Peace in the Post-Cold War Era: Strengthening Multilateral Peacekeeping


The end of the cold war lifted a central obstacle to the strengthening of multilateral peacekeeping efforts and the extension of multilateral operations beyond traditional peacekeeping tasks. But a number of current operations are faltering. Part of the problem is that public opinion and governments have been calling for additional, ambitious operations without providing the necessary resources or nurturing the structures that can sustain these operations over time. The extension of multilateral operations beyond the traditional UN peacekeeping tasks of the cold war era is also proving to be more complicated and dangerous than some had imagined.

This report address particular aspects of strengthening multilateral peacekeeping. John Roper focuses on the widening range of tasks being organized under the broad umbrella of multilateral peacekeeping, and proposes improvements in arrangements for deploying forces. Enid Schoettle shows that a continuing financial crisis is paralyzing the UN’s ability to carry out its rapidly expanding activities and offers a number of recommendations. Masashi Nishihara suggests ways for trilateral cooperation to make multilateral efforts more effective. Olara Otunnu gives special attention to a “growing disquiet” about the scope, nature, and pace of Security Council decisions, as well as the process of decision-making.


John Roper, Director of the Institute of Security Studies, Western European Union; former Member of the British Parliament and Editor of International Affairs
Masashi Nishihara, Professor of International Relations, National Defense Academy, Yokosuka
Olara Otunnu, President, International Peace Academy, New York; former Ambassador to the United Nations; former Foreign Minister of Uganda
Enid Schoettle, Senior Fellow and Director of the Project on International Organizations and Law, Council on Foreign Relations, New York

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. A Wider Range of Tasks

John Roper
A. The Return of Collective Security and the Expansion of United Nations Tasks
B. Adapting Regional Organizations Centered on Europe
C. The New Challenges of Wider Roles
D. Proposals for the Future
III. Financing UN Peacekeeping
Enid B. Schoettle
A. Current Methods of Financing UN Peacekeeping
B. Current Problems in Financing UN Peacekeeping
- UN Financial Crisis and Peacekeeping
- The Difficulty of Predicting Peacekeeping Costs
- Anomalies in the Special Scale of Assessments
- Voluntary Funding and Collective Financial Responsibility
C. Policy Recommendations
- Policy Recommendations for Trilateral Governments and their Regional Organizations
- Policy Recommendations for Trilateral Governments to Urge on the United Nations
Appendix: Current Methods of Financing the UN
IV. Trilateral Country Roles: Challenges and Opportunities
Masashi Nishihara
A. Full-Fledged Traditional Peacekeepers: Changing Missions, Difficult Issues
- Canada
- European Peacekeepers
B. Self-Restrained Peacekeepers: Between Domestic Constraints and International Pressures
- Germany
- Japan
C. Peace-Enforcers: From UN-Sanctioned to UN-Commanded?
- The United States
- European Peace-Enforcers
D. Promoting Trilateral Cooperation
V. Maintaining Broad Legitimacy for United Nations Action
Olara Otunnu
A. The Role of the Security Council
- Scope of the Mandate
- Decision-Making Process
- Toward Recomposition?
B. Intervention and Legitimacy
- Basic Prerequisites for Intervention
- Emerging Consensus Scenarios for Intervention
- Issue of Feasibility
C. Legitimacy and Sanctions
D. Role of the Secretary-General
E. Public Perception
VI. Summary of Recommendations
Appendix: Current Rapid Expansion Unsustainable Without Major Changes
Marrack Goulding
A. UN Peacekeeping Operations During the Cold War
B. Varied Types of Post-Cold War Operations
C. Steps Needed for Rapid Expansion Not to Undermine Whole Activity

  • Topics: Security, Multilateral Cooperation
  • Region:  North America, Europe, Pacific Asia
  • Publisher:  The Trilateral Commission
  • Publication Date:  © 1993
  • ISBN:  0-930503-70-8
  • Pages:  101
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