TFR 45 – An Emerging China in a World of Interdependence


Over the past century, the rise of new powers has posed great challenges and opportunities for the established world order. The same will be true as the world deals with a rising China.

This report charts a course for the Trilateral countries (Japan, North America, and Western Europe) in dealing with China. It considers China’s rise more an opportunity than a threat, and recommends a wide range of economic, strategic, and political actions that would facilitate China’s involvement in the world community. At the same time, it recommends that expectations be kept realistic.

The Trilateral countries have a substantial number of significant interests at stake with China. Most of these interests correspond with the interests of China’s leaders to develop their country in a tranquil environment. The priorities recommended in this report are in the security and economic domains and in assisting development of institutions contributing to China’s effective and good governance.


Yoichi Funabashi, Washington Bureau Chief and former Beijing Correspondent, Asahi Shimbun
Michel Oksenberg, President, East-West Center, Honolulu
Heinrich Weiss, Chairman, China Committee of East-West Trade Committee, Federation of German Industry.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: A New Rising Power
  2. China in Historical Perspective
  3. The Mainland Domestic Context
  4. Hong Kong, Taiwan, and “Greater China”
  5. The Chinese Economy: Global and Regional Dimensions
  6. China’s National Security
  7. Global Issues and China’s Role
  8. The Effective and Good Governance of China
  9. Summary of Policy Recommendations
  • Topics: Economics, Trade, Security, Multilateral Cooperation
  • Region:  North America, Europe, Pacific Asia
  • Publisher:  The Trilateral Commission
  • Publication Date:  © 1994
  • ISBN:  0-930503-71-6
  • Pages:  84
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