TFR 59 – Engaging with Russia: The Next Phase


This report examines the state of relations with, and the performance of, President Putin's administration as the G-8 countries prepare for their 2006 meeting in St. Petersburg, which will be chaired by Putin. The three authors-a former British and a former Japanese ambassador to Moscow and a former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State-will analyze the challenges Russia faces and its performance in reaching democratic and market goals, and make recommendations for helping Russia meet these goals. 


Roderic Lyne, Special Adviser, BP Group and HSBC Bank, London
Strobe Talbott, President, Brookings Institution, Washington
Koji Watanabe, Senior Fellow, Japan Center for International Exchange, Tokyo 

Table of Contents

The Authors
The Trilateral Process
Post-Communist Russia: From Yeltsin to Putin
Rebuilding the State, 2000-03
From Reform to Control
The Big Two and the Big Eight: Russia, the United States, and the G-8
Russia and Europe: Old Neighbors and New
Russia and Asia: Bilateral Ties and the Future of the Russian Far East
Russia's Direction: Toward the Main Highway of Human Development?
How should the Trilateral Countries Respond? Strategic Partnership or Pragmatic Engagement?

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  • Region:  Europe, Pacific Asia
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