T 56 – Global Governance: Enhancing Trilateral Cooperation, The Trilateral Commission Seoul Plenary Meeting 2003



Contributions by: Roh Moo-Hyun, Hong Seok Hyun, SaKong Il, Wang Jisi, Heinrich Weiss, Wendy K. Dobson, Keizo Takemi, Yasuhisa Shiozaki, Jesus P. Estanislao, Wang Gungwu, Carla A. Hills, Peter Sutherland, Han Sung-Joo, Stephen W. Bosworth, Jacques Andréani, Thomas S. Foley, and Akihiko Tanaka.

  • Topics: Multilateral Cooperation
  • Region:  Pacific Asia
  • Publisher:  The Trilateral Commission
  • Publication Date:  © 2003
  • ISBN:  0-930503-83-x
  • Pages:  115
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