T 55 – London 2001: The Annual Meeting of the Trilateral Commission



Ed: Damon C. Morris and Charles B. Heck
Contributions by: Robin Cook, Gordon S. Smith, Ernesto Zedillo, Jusuf Wanandi, Nora Lustig, Jay Mazur, Otto Graf Lambsdorff, Mike Moore, Frits Bolkestein, Toru Kusukawa, C. Fred Bergsten, Joseph S. Nye, Jr., Jessica P. Einhorn, Béla Kádár, Hisashi Owada, Luis Rubio, Young Soogil, Robert Worcester, Bill Emmott, Martin Sorrell, Robert May, David Howard, Chris Patten, Frene Ginwala, Brent Scowcroft, Carla A. Hills, Yoichi Funabashi, George Berthoin, Charles Guthrie, Sergei Yastrzhembsky, Lee Hong-Koo, Richard C. Holbrooke. 

Table of Contents


I. The Changing Role of States
Gordon Smith: Globalization and Governance
Ernesto Zedillo: Globalization and the Changing Role of States

II. Addressing Those in Danger of Being Left Behind
Jusuf Wanandi: Addressing Those In Danger of Being Left Behind
Nora Lustig: Sharing the Benefits of Globalization More Widely
Jay Mazur: Globalization Must Work For Everyone
Otto Graf Lambsdorff: Economic Freedom is Best Policy

III. Improving the Trading Regime
Mike Moore: The Multilateral Trading Regime Is a Force for Good: Defend It, Improve It
Frits Bolkestein: Getting the Multilateral Trading Agenda Back on Track
Toru Kusukawa: The Complex Path Ahead
C. Fred Bergsten: New Multilateral Round Vital to Counter Drift Toward Three-Bloc World

IV. The Legitimacy and Accountability of Key Multilateral Institutions
This section is available in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (pdf)
The Legitimacy and Accountability of Key Multilateral Institutions (pdf: 92kb/13pp.)
and review remarks from
Task Force Report #57: The "Democracy Deficit" in the Global Economy: Enhancing the Legitimacy and Accountability of Global Institutions
Joseph S. Nye, Jr.
Jessica P. Einhorn
Béla Kadar
Hisashi Owada
Luis Rubio
Young Soogil

* * * * * *

Britain, Europe and the World
Robin Cook: The Challenges of Globalisation
Sir David Howard: The View From The City
Robert M. Worcester: Public Opinion in Britain
Bill Emmott: The British Economy
Sir Martin Sorrell: Key Issues for Corporate Leaders
Sir Robert May: Science and Technology in Britain and Other OECD Countries

The Legitimacy of Europe’s Institutions and U.S. Global Leadership
Christopher Patten: The Legitimacy of European Institutions and U.S. Leadership

The African Renaissance
Frene Ginwala: The Future of Africa in the Context of Globalization

The Bush Administration and the International Role of the United States
Brent Scowcroft: The New Administration and America’s Security Role
Carla A. Hills: The New Administration and U.S. International Economic Policy
(pdf: 40kb/4pp.)
Yoichi Funabashi: The New Administration and East Asia
Georges Berthoin: Globalization and Governance: The Challenge for the United States and All of Us

International Security Challenges
General Sir Charles Guthrie: Changing Context, Changing Tasks
(pdf: 36kb/4pp.)
Sergei Yastrzhembsky: International Terrorism and Extremism: Lessons from Chechnya
Lee Hong-Koo: Building a Peaceful Asian Neighborhood
Richard Holbrooke: The New Security Challenges
(pdf: 32kb/4pp.)

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  • Publisher:  The Trilateral Commission
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