Mario Monti

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Mario Monti was elected president of the Italian Council of Ministers on November 16, 2011, leading to his resignation as European Chairman of the Trilateral Commission. He is former president of Bocconi University, Milan, and honorary president of Bruegel, the Brussels-based economic policy think-tank. The president of the European Commission entrusted him with a mission on A New Strategy on the Single Market releasedin May 2010, and he was a member of the Reflection Group on the Future of Europe set up by the European Council. He served as a member of the European Commission, in charge of the internal market, financial services and taxation (1995-1999) and then of competition (1999-2004). In addition to decisions on landmark cases (among which are GE/Honeywell, Microsoft, the German Landesbanken), he introduced radical reforms of EU antitrust and merger control and led, with the U.S. authorities, the creation of the International Competition Network (ICN). Prior to joining the Commission, he was professor of economics and then rector of Bocconi. He has published extensively on monetary and financial economics, fiscal policy, competition policy, and European integration. He had advisory roles in policy formulation in Italy (starting in the 1980s with financial reform and the first competition law), the UK (on Lord Roll’s Committee proposing independence for the Bank of England in 1993), and France (on the Attali Commission on Economic Growth, appointed by President Sarkozy in 2007). He is international advisor to Goldman Sachs. He graduated from Bocconi University and continued his studies at Yale University. Mario Monti was elected European chairman of the Trilateral Commission in 2010.