Jusuf Wanandi

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Jusuf Wanandi is co-founder and vice chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (Indonesia), Jakarta. He is chairman of the Indonesian National Committee for the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council and co-chair of the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council. He is also co-chair of the Council of Security Cooperation in Asia Pacific, Indonesia. Mr. Wanandi is president director of the publishing company of the Jakarta Post; board chairman of the Graduate School of Management, Prasetiya Mulya Business School, and chairman of the Foundation of Panca Bhakti University in Pontianak. He has served as secretary of the Indonesian Supreme Advisory Council, secretary general of the National Education Council, and four-term representative in the People's Consultative Assembly. He has written extensively in national and international magazines and newspapers and has edited a number of books on political and security developments in the Asia Pacific region.