Takeshi Watanabe

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Takeshi Watanabe was Chairman of the Non-Life Insurance Institue of Japan. Upon graduation from Tokyo Imperial University in 1930, he joined the Ministry of Finance and was appointed Vice-Minister of Finance for International Affairs in 1949. He served as Minister of the Japanese Embassy in Washington, D.C. (1952–56), Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank (1956–ミ60), and Advisor to the Minister of Finance (1965). He was President of the Asian Development Bank (1966–72) and then became Chairman of the Trident International Finance Ltd., Hong Kong (1973–79), Advisor to the President of the Bank of Tokyo (1973–79), and President of the Japan Credit Rating Agency (1985–90). He served as the Japanese Chairman of The Trilateral Commission from 1973–84. He was Chairman of the Foster Plan, Asian Community Trust (ACT), Japan Silver Volunteers, and AFS. Among his publications are: Japanese Finance in Early Post-War Years, and Towards a New Asia, and a report to The Trilateral Commission, Facilitating Development in a Changing Third World: Trade, Finance, Aid (1983, with Jacques Lesourne and Robert McNamara).